Tap into the collective power of influential business and NGO pioneers to create new strategies and

 tactics to build a more socially and environmentally conscious world.


The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce is excited to bring you our newest Q&A series, Global Sustainability Leaders. We’ve traveled the globe searching for the best and brightest sustainability leaders and we’ve found them. In our series, you will meet the people who are creating a healthier and happier planet for you, your business and your community.



Dr. Amy Jadesimi

Luan Hasanaj

Elaine Nevin

Traci Lewis

Dr Lars Grotewold

Stoyan Faldjisky

Justin Wilkes

Daniela Knieling

Mariana Madureira

Raízes Sustainable Development

Anne Koudstaal

Juan Pablo Otero

Laura Stachel

Diego Saez-Gil

Chris Genovali

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Beatrice Olivastri

Friends of the Earth Canada

Lindsay Stallcup

Monteverde Conservation League

Mike Hemman

Shawn Seipler

Walter Mata

Thiago Carvalho Pinto

Mariana Madureira

Jose Daniel Convers

Paola Grandela Murasso