Overview of our business goal

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC) is a national nonprofit organization, seeking to empower businesses to achieve economic, environmental, and social sustainability. We work with businesses to facilitate and support sustainable business practices that spur innovation, job creation, energy efficiency and an overall brighter economic future for America.
The Global Sustainability Business Solutions team within the USGCC enforces these efforts by connecting solutions providers with businesses that would benefit from these solutions, and vice versa. We provide relevant connections, opportunities, introductions, and overviews on new, cutting-edge, innovative, and effective solutions.

Our work process

When working with businesses, we provide them with our existing and new solutions reports, specific to their business needs. We do this by researching specific areas of focus that are central to the business. After presenting our findings, we help businesses develop connections with key solution providers. A similar process takes place when connecting solutions providers to businesses.

Solutions in our repository

So far, we have over 265+ innovative and sustainable solutions researched and ready in our repository, focused on:

  • clean energy
  • transportation
  • supply chain
  • building materials
  • waste management
  • and many other industries!


Next steps

If you would like access to our services, whether you are a business wanting to increase sustainability in your business practices or a solutions provider wanting your solution advertised and introduced to the businesses we work with, please contact info@usgreenchamber.com and we will be happy to support you in your sustainability journey.