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Green businesses are no longer outliers. Sustainability is mainstream. More and more business owners and managers are finding that cost savings and increased profits are to be found in eco-friendly initiatives. These initiatives often include simple measures for using fewer resources like water and paper, to long-term resilience measures such as installing renewable energy systems.


Additionally, consumers are expecting more from companies. In fact, 87% of American’s have “high expectations for companies to do more than make a profit.” Investment portfolios with social responsibility criteria have seen “double digit growth” In recent years.
A study completed by the Harvard Business School found that “High Sustainability companies outperform Low Sustainability companies both in stock market as well as accounting performance.”

Furthering Your Business

Some companies are leaders in sustainability by making ecologically sound products, while others focus on internal resource management, and some do both. Sustainable businesses are job creators, leaders, and innovators. By keeping you in the loop on the latest sustainability news, and highlighting the successes of business leaders both within and outside our ranks, we help you gain insights into ways you can help your organization leap into the future.