Social Sustainability Month

Please join us in our 31 daylong social sustainability project, where we hope to improve our environment a little more each day! These steps are free, easy-to-follow, and will bring you one step closer to creating a healthy and more sustainable working atmosphere.

Day One: 

Please feel free to view the following document in preparation for employee appreciation day this Friday!

To begin our social sustainability project, please click on this link:

Coming Soon

Our next theme will involve the importance of inclusivity within a team.

Some of the topics include:

  • The proven benefits of companies with diverse staff and management.
  • Success stories of companies that have made initiatives to encourage diversity—such as Apple and Target.
  • A guide on how to draft your Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

For future reference, please feel free to also view our Diversity and Inclusion Statement in the link below, as we plan to cover these topics very soon.