Board Of Directors And Advisory Board

Together, our Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members exemplify our key traits of being collaborative, authentic, optimistic, compassionate, and ALIVE and are committed to guiding and keeping our eye on the goal of changing the way business has been done in the past.

Jim Bunch


Jim Bunch is known as an “Impact Investor & Advisor” who is on a mission “to lead a global initiative to change the world.”

His 2 passions are Technology and Transformation, so whether it’s investing and advising Impact companies or launching a new business venture or helping CEOs upgrade their life and businesses, there’s a common thread you’ll find in whatever Jim Bunch does – and that’s inspiring and bringing out the best in people.

Julien Brandt

Founding Board Member

When Julien Brandt was growing up in a small town, organic wasn’t a buzzword and buying local food and other goods from neighbors was just natural. Little did he know that years later he would be “Helping Businesses Grow Naturally” online by building on the power of communities of people. He found his personality and talents worked well for online marketing, and as he moved through different service jobs he always became the go-to Internet expert for his employers. On a deep level he wanted to find a way to channel these natural talents into a path where he could do more than just help people with their SEO and Social Media efforts, but where he could make a real difference in the world. Read More…

Steve Bender


Steve Bender’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is life-long and something to which he volunteers his time, energy, creativity, and managerial expertise.   Ever since Steve moved to a house on the Back Bay in Newport Beach almost two decades ago, he has been involved in many different environmental organizations serving the local Orange County community and beyond.


Steve grew up in an environmental family from Kansas.  His father was winning awards for water conservation in the 1960s as well as raising organic beef in Kansas long before they called it organic.  His father also designed one of the first passive solar homes in Kansas.

Michelle Thatcher


When people hear the words “pioneer” or “visionary”, it conjures up many different images: Blazing new trails, living a rustic life, being driven to be one of the “firsts” or perhaps creating breakthrough innovations or revolutionary concepts that change society forever. One person who meets all these definitions and more is U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce Co-Founder Michelle Thatcher. Michelle’s childhood was spent living in a log cabin, her playtime exploring hundreds of untamed acres of vast wilderness. Sustainability, self-sufficiency and a healthy respect for nature were part of her family’s DNA. At age 11 she was the youngest person ever to solo paddle the rugged Rogue River in Oregon by kayak; at 17 she biked alone cross-country from Seattle to New York. Later she became the first to solo navigate the entire length of Florida’s St. John’s river.

Emerson Brantley


Terms such as “outside the box” and “been there done that” have become commonplace, but how many really think “outside” or have the wide range of experience to understand business and markets from the perspective of thousands of marketing campaigns? One who has — and continues to meet these definitions is Emerson Brantley. And his commitment to “green business” goes back to his childhood.

As a child, twice a week Emerson needed allergy shots. In an old house next to his doctor’s office was Jacksonville’s “Ecological Coordinating Office. He began volunteering — stocking brochures, answering phones, etc. – but when he was assigned to sort recycled items it inspired his business acumen! He discovered a trove of donated magazines that were in high demand in 7th grade, and so started his own — ahem, “green” distribution business — making him very popular at school! As a result, he became an early proponent of sustainability, even organizing a tree planting for the very first Earth Day!

Peter Zahn


With a strong belief that climate change and sustainability need business sector support – and present strong business opportunities – Peter Zahn co-founded the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and served as its initial Chairman and CEO. Zahn has worked in numerous business, legal and non-profit capacities, everything from a sole legal practitioner and solo entrepreneur, to an attorney at a 400 lawyer Wall Street firm, CEO of a tech company, and head of a foundation. He was elected to the City Council of Solana Beach, California in November 2012. Zahn crossed over more firmly into the non-profit arena in January 2013, running the Moxie Foundation in San Diego, California. He spends most of his time promoting entrepreneurship, education reform, social innovation, and environmental sustainability. He has kept a hand in the legal world, advising the Blumberg Law Group, a business transaction and general litigation firm in Solana Beach, California. Zahn is a member of the Bar of California, New York, and New Jersey.

Scott deMoulin

Advisory Board

Founder and CEO of Destiny Training Systems Scott deMoulin is the Founder and CEO of Destiny Training Systems, a conscious business growth consulting and training company. Scott has facilitated training for thousands of Entrepreneurs and small business owners and has consulted for over 480 large companies over the past 30+ years. With a focus on developing the Human Capital within businesses combined with following a strategic, conscious, and sustainable business model, Scott, and his company, has helped his clients to achieve significant, measurable and lasting growth results.

Howard Lim

Advisory Board, Brand Advisor

Not many can see their life path traced in fingerpaints stretching back to kindergarten, but Howard Lim can.  On that very first day he knew his life would be about creating art: painting, drawing, design, invention and innovation.  And so it has been.  Throughout his schooling, completing his BS in Applied Art and Design at California Polytechnic and advanced studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, every step Howard has taken has been along that same bright fingerpainted path.

But Howard Lim also sees beyond the creative, into the deeper trends, core values and strategies that make good companies great.  Even in grammar school he was acutely interested in the business of business.  He would watch daily stock market reports with his Dad on their black and white television, asking questions, learning terms and concepts most kids his age never gave a thought to.  And so it was no surprise when, in 1987 Howard started one of the first companies in the United States that fused strong design with business fundamentals, today’s HOW Creative ® – We Design Businesses®

Aliki Moncrief

Advisory Board

Ms. Moncrief received her J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1999 and her B.A. from Emory University in 1995.  After graduating from law school, she worked as a staff attorney with the Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation to provide legal assistance and support to communities affected by hazardous waste sites and advocate before the state legislature on related issues, including groundwater protection and environmental justice.  Ms. Moncrief then joined the Florida office of Earthjustice, where she represented individual and non-profit organizations in litigation to protect wetlands, endangered species, and other environmental resources.  She joined the Enforcement section of DEP’s Office of General Counsel in August 2004, becoming Deputy General Counsel in 2007.

Beverly Rider

Advisory Board

Beverly Rider is a rare blend of Fortune 50 executive, entrepreneur and attorney, who has been able to utilize these varied experiences to increase awareness in the field of sustainability. She is an experienced leader with a focus on the national distribution of cost effective sustainable technologies and non-profit programs. Among her previous positions, Beverly served as National Director at Qwest, a Denver-based NYSE and Fortune 50 company; Director of Junior Achievement, a non-profit organization, and Associate at two law firms. Currently, Beverly is CEO at C-Level Consulting with offices in Florida, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, California, Nevada, Arizona, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii.

Bill Weinaug

Advisory Board

Bill has spent more than 25 years ensuring great client (and guest) experiences through his efforts in providing mechanical and sustainable designs on entertainment and hospitality facilities. Today, he is EXP’s Hospitality business manager. He manages the “front-end loading” process for the firm’s large hospitality projects, including projects for Hilton, Viceroy, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Ritz, Starwood, and Waldorf. As EXP does, Bill embraces green building practices. His passion to lead an earth-friendly lifestyle has led him to utilize many cutting edge sustainable concepts in his personal life. Many of these same strategies are also implemented in X-nth’s “Green” projects.

Chris Castoro

Advisory Board

Chris has been called a emerging social “eco-preneur”, community organizer, and sustainability professional with a passion for accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy. He’s currently the senior adviser for Mayor Buddy Dyer and the City of Orlando developing policies and programs to support the sustainability and energy related goals of the Green Works Orlando municipal and community action plans. In 2008, Chris co-founded IDEAS For Us, an international 501c3 nonprofit and UN-accredited NGO, building a global community working to advance environmental solutions and is currently serving as their Vice President. He’s been awarded a Delegate for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and the Clinton Global Initiative, selected as a ‘Global Shaper’ by the World Economic Forum, and is the co-founder and chairman of Florida Green Chamber of Commerce (FGCC), the first state-wide business chamber aimed at creating environmentally-friendly, sustainable business practices. In addition, has been recognized for his effort as a emerging environmental leader; including the prestigious IAMECO Warrior designation, formal recognition from President Bill Clinton, and ‘Champions of Change’ honorable mention from the White House & Obama Administration.

Trudy Heller

Advisory Board

As a young child Trudy Heller was introduced to nature by her father who took her and her sister on walks in the woods in all seasons. Very early she developed a keen observation of others, how people dealt with challenges and how they stood up to limits imposed on them by others that held them back from their full potential. This ultimately led to a Master’s and Doctorate in Organizational Psychology and a position as a university counselor. Then she began to focus on how companies and organizations limit people’s creativity and their ability to innovate. She earned a second Ph.D. from Wharton, in Management and Innovation included research at Bell Labs and Arco Chemical in new product innovation and development, before becoming a professor of Business Strategy and Organizational Behavior.

John Pabon Bio Pic

John Pabon

Advisory Board

John Pabon has spent the past 15 years championing sustainable development and stakeholder engagement, leading the creation of some of the private sector’s most forward-thinking strategic sustainability approaches. For Asia, this has included work as varied as materiality assessments in the transport, apparel, and luxury cosmetic industries, ESG landscaping for jewelry and extractives firms, and the implementation of wellbeing programs impacting nearly half a million supply chain workers in China.