Our Mission

To Promote And Protect America’s Emerging Economy

Our Vision

“Businesses are the solution to a fulfilled life, healthier planet, and thriving economy.”

Our Core Values

These values are at the essence of who we are and what USGCC stands for. We live these core values through the interaction with our members, sponsors, employees, volunteers and society as a whole. They are the fabric of how we make our decisions and how we lead. They are the guiding principle to the heart and soul of our organization. As each individual member embraces these Core Values, YOU become an integral part of how we will create a world in which we will all prosper.

Core Value

Live Sustainably – You have a passion to protect the earth, its occupants, the economy, and future generations through education, networking and advocacy.

Be Innovative – You embrace creativity, technologies, transparency, and risk-takers to overcome the challenges today and the future.

Core Value

Become An Inspired Leader – Through business, you lead people to a better and more fulfilling life that contributes and benefits communities, economies, animals, and the Earth.

Be H.I.P. – You embrace Happiness, being Inspired, and maintaining a Positive attitude as a key to making a difference in others and our world.