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USGCC is the Fastest Growing Sustainability Focused Chamber of Commerce in the World. Members set themselves apart from their competition and receive countless benefits. Our members are the leaders, the innovators and the job creators of America’s emering economy.

This is the time to let your voice be heard!

Individual/Business Professional Membership

Now, more than ever, your voice can make the difference, when you join with thousands of other green business professionals, individuals, and corporations all across America as a U.S. Green Chamber member!

When you become an Individual/Business Professional annual membership, as a special thank you, we’ll send you a Complimentary Energy Efficiency Toolkit For Your Business worth $57 all by itself, as well as these exciting Members-only benefits:

  • Special Access to Sustainability Events- Educational summits, webinars, and programs
  • One-year subscription to U.S. Green Chamber Newsletter- delivers mission critical information
  • Critical Legislative Updates and Take-Action Notices
  • Discounts on U.S. Green Chamber toolkits, programs, upcoming certifications and more
  • Office Depot Discount Card – Save up to 60% off 175 items & 70% off on printing
  • Becoming a part of the fastest growing sustainability-focused chamber of commerce in the world!

Join and be the change you wish to see in the world!

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Making America The World’s Sustainability Superpower!

Details of Membership Benefits

SPECIAL ACCESS TO SUSTAINABILITY EVENTS – Regardless of where you live or work, you will have access to these special events! The USGCC national educational team delivers the highest quality online programming including webinars, video series, and summits. As an individual/Business Professional member, your name will also be included on the “invitation only” special events.

USGCC NEWSLETTER – There is so much news about green and social sustainability every month — consumer trends, legislative actions, funding, grants and more — it can be impossible for busy business people to sort through all of it and distill the parts that really matter most — to your business, today. Your USGCC NEWSLETTER saves you the time, effort and energy and delivers this mission critical information to you clearly and concisely, month after month. Plus, you’ll get details on national and local events are also featured, member spotlights, special notices, legislative outreach, timely articles and special discounts for our members… a must-read resource that will keep you on the cutting edge!

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES – Government bodies and agencies are enacting rules and legislation every week that can affect your green business positively or negatively. It’s easy for busy business people to be surprised months later, and find you’ve missed deadlines or opportunities that have already impacted their bottom line. Our Business Level members always get the information “hot off the press,” giving you the greatest advance notice of upcoming changes possible, protecting your profits and putting you in line for even greater profitability in the future.

ADVOCACY – In order to most effectively serve the green business community, advocating for our members’ best interests is an integral part of the U.S. Green Chamber’s mission. We lobby on the issues and policies that affect these industries the most. Our members are at the forefront of a green revolution, built on a model of business sustainability to make sure you and your business, in turn, can continue to specialize and thrive.

SUSTAINABILITY RESOURCE DISCOUNTS FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM – Not all companies are at the same place on the sustainability curve. That’s why as part of your membership you can obtain ongoing, ever-evolving “Membership Toolkits” of valuable resources, at a substantial discount, to help you improve sustainability within your company or organization, including:

  • Maximizing Energy Efficiency
  • Green Transportation for your Business
  • Cost-Effective Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Social Engagement With Customers, Vendors and Staff
  • Waste Management Beyond Recycling
  • Water Conservation That Impacts Your Bottom Line and many more…

Whatever pieces you need to help your company forge ahead, you will find a member Toolkit resource to guide you. Now you have a solid source you can trust to keep you updated on the most crucial environmental-related issues happening both locally and nationally, filter out and distinguish “green-washing” from true sustainability, and work to build a powerful level of awareness between a variety of green industries and consumers.


OFFICE DEPOT/OFFICE MAX DISCOUNT — Business Level members get as much as 60% off 175 items, and up to 70 percent off printing at Office Depot. It’s easy for many businesses to cover their entire USGCC membership fees through these savings alone! We choose Office Depot/Office Max because of their focus on green products and its commitment to sustainability

Join The U.S. Green Chamber Now For 20% Off And Make Your Voice & Your Vote Heard!
Get Our $55 Individual/Business Professional Membership Now For Only $44!

Additional Memberships available


Student and individual members get free or discounted access to most live and online events, subscription to the USGCC Newsletter, Job Board and access to other USGCC Members around the country.


We have a special membership category for consumers who want green products and services and information on how to use their own purchasing power in the market place.. This consumer membership includes a subscription to our USGCC Newsletter, Green Cosumer-focused programs and the ability to receive special green offers from members in their area.