Learn how your business can become a more environmentally conscious energy user by visiting our Energy advocacy webpage. There, we introduce alternative energy options such as solar, wind, and renewable energy as well as bring to your attention the considerable harm that practices such as fracking can incur. Our energy advocacy page will also help you take your activism a step further by informing you of current green energy legislation such as the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2015, so that your involvement along with that of the U.S. Green Chamber’s large constituency can show our leaders that you care about our future.


Around the world, businesses use more than they need and scrap the excess, setting our planet on the course to irreparable damage in innumerable respects. Visit our Waste advocacy webpage to learn how you can recalibrate the trajectory of our environment as well as that of your business. Resourceful business practices are smart business practices, and our waste advocacy page shows you how you why.


While water conservation is generally understood to be one of the biggest ways we can save our ecosystems, it is also essential to your business in more ways than you realize. Our Water Advocacy page brings those less obvious points to your attention. There you will find not only EPA verified means to increase the efficiency of your water usage, but also a wide range of hot topics in water usage legislation that enable your business to take its activism beyond popularized yet specious and ultimately insufficient efforts so commonly encountered in the media.


Business owners hear more about how air relates to wind turbines than they do about how it affects their longevity and that of their community. The U.S. Green Chamber is here to change that by introducing you to ways in which your business’s impact on local air quality can be improved to better everyone’s standard of living. We bring to your attention developing policies designed to address issues of air pollution, and inform you of pollution’s various forms beyond the dangerously generalized notion of “smog”.


Advancements in the sciences have made possible what, years ago, business owners could only imagine. Visit our chemical advocacy webpage to learn about the new realities–both good and bad–brought about by novel chemical processes so that you can harness this immense potential to launch your business forward while also protecting the planet. There you will find DOE and EPA approved means of bettering your business’s chemical management and creating a more healthy work environment, in addition to current developments in chemical legislature.


As our businesses grow, our world shrinks. It is time to think more critically about how we commute in it. The U.S. Green Chamber’s transportation and infrastructure advocacy page discusses ways that your business can work to change the fabric of your environment. We would like to help your business run more smoothly and minimize your carbon footprint. Here you will find current legislation on the matter, as well as practical solutions to this very pressing issue that you can implement today.