The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce is excited to kickstart and build the largest national Coalition of Chambers of Commerce, with a particular focus in helping businesses become more sustainable! Through this, we hope to establish more effective collaboration through a diverse and extensive network of chambers from all backgrounds. This selective networking program looks for those with a passion for a better future, and those that want to see their business members grow alongside them.

The benefits of being a coalition member:

  • It’s free!
  • Ability to be a part of the U.S. Green Chamber Coalition Advisory Group.
  • Recognition as a coalition partner on the USGCC website, with a link to your organization.
  • Ability to showcase your affiliation to your members via the U.S. Green Chamber Coalition Logo.
  • Free educational tools to provide to your members.
  • Sustainability toolkits for your chamber and members.
  • And much, much more.

How to Join

If you are interested in applying to the coalition program, please follow these next steps:

(All applications are subject to approval.)

    • Subject line: “Coalition Form — Chambers for Sustainability Program”
    • Please complete and attach the Official Coalition Form.
    • Make sure to also mention why your chamber would like to become a member.
    • Attach a PNG/JPG of your chamber’s logo, so that we can showcase it on our website and social media pages.

Coalition Advisory Group

Through this coalition program, there will be a new-found cohesion between all of the chamber members. We are all striving to reach a new sustainable standard!


We encourage our members to contribute and exchange their ideas; so much so, that each chamber will be allowed to have one representative participate in our quarterly online advisory group meetings. We welcome any insights, ideas, or experiences you all may have.


Together, we are stronger!

Current Coalition Members

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce works to cultivate the economic success of San Francisco’s businesses through advocacy and education. The chamber educates on environmental issues California faces, which include California wildfires and housing development.

Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce

The Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce was our very first member! The chamber promotes innovative green business and educates new members on sustainable practices. The chamber creates a dialogue between members and the government to shape public policies in favor of the environment.

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

The Metro Atlanta Chamber has three signature sustainability programs. The first is the Atlanta E3 Awards, which recognizes companies, individuals, and organizations innovating at the intersection of sustainability and commerce. The Greenlight on Sustainability series takes deep dives into the stories of the E3 winners to share their successes with other members of the business community. MAC’s Regional Sustainability Dashboard, first published in 2014 and is updated in 2020, takes a broad look at how metro Atlanta fares in several key metrics of sustainability.

Cámara Verde de Comercio

The Cámara Verde de Comercio was the first Green chamber of commerce in Colombia and Latin America by bridging a connection between sustainable industries, stakeholders, and small businesses. The chamber supports green start-ups to place sustainable innovation at the forefront of business development.

British Argentine Chamber of Commerce

The British Argentine Chamber of Commerce is an international chamber between the UK and Argentina to focus on the network of green industries or individuals from both countries. The chamber host events and conferences on insightful topics such as sustainable agriculture, technological start-ups, renewable energy, and more.

German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce

The German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce is a Mexico based chamber that works to connect the sustainable innovations of business and development technologies between Germany and Mexico. The chamber offers education and training on technologies, such as renewable energy, to members and officiate with diplomas.

National City Chamber of Commerce

The National City Chamber of Commerce, located in California, encourages sustainable practices through education, outreach, networking, marketing, and advocacy. The chamber recognizes the challenges of compliance with the local and national environmental policies, therefore, the chamber provides extensive guidance for development to meet standards.

Blair County Chamber of Commerce

The Blair County Chamber of Commerce, from Pennsylvania, has joined our coalition to inspire neighboring Chambers and businesses to participate in sustainable business practice. The Chamber’s Sustainable Blair County program provides resources and education for businesses to gain sustainable certifications.

North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce

The North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce is a leader in helping businesses to go green as easy as possible. The chamber offers access to sustainability coaches for guidance to get started at implementing sustainability practices and the Buyer’s Club encourages members to purchase green products thus decrease the price of sustainable supplies.

Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce

The Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce, from New Mexico, emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses with community events, such as Construction Compadres. The chamber provides a Sustainable Business Recognition program to recognize sustainable businesses that are making an impact and educate businesses on how to implement sustainability.

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, in Wyoming, is highly commended for its sustainable developments. The RRR Business Leaders Program serves to recognize and train businesses to reduce waste and conserve energy. The Jackson Hole Climate Action Collective was created to help reduce the county’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2030. Therefore, the chamber contributed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s Silver EarthCheck certification 2020 for the first destination of sustainable tourism in North America!

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, in California, has an active Green Business Committee that has been operational for over 13 years.  Through that committee, the chamber hosts business resource content monthly and also hosts an annual Green Business Expo.  Additionally, the chamber hosts Eco Tours to see positive best practices in sustainability at other businesses. The chamber is in the process to get all members to become “Green Certified.”

Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce

Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce, in New Mexico, is dedicated to assisting members in conserving energy and water through initiatives such as Save Water Santa Fe and the Methane Mitigation program, to prevent methane leakage at oil & gas well sites. Throughout these initiatives, the chamber is dedicated to recognizing their members’ efforts toward sustainable practices and environmental conservatism.

Mexican Chamber of Commerce In Great Britain

The Mexican Chamber of Commerce In Great Britain (MexCC) is an independent, non-profit, private membership organization. The main objective of MexCC is to assist its members to identify business opportunities and do business successfully in the United Kingdom and Mexico. The chamber is committed to integrating social responsibility and environmental awareness as the key components of sustainable business success.

San Rafael Chamber of Commerce

The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce’s green business committee promotes sustainability in the membership and the business community through outreach, education, networking, and publications. The chamber provides training and education about green business practices, resources, expertise, policy recommendations to the Chamber Board, and increases the number of certifications, legal structures, and reported metrics for green businesses.

Central PA Chamber of Commerce

The Central PA Chamber of Commerce works collaboratively with its members to help businesses grow. One of the Chamber’s programs, Raising the Board (RtB), is designed to build business confidence with discussions of four focus areas: Practice, Act, Apply and Connect, and topics ranging from missions, strategic planning, fundraising, and advocacy. The chamber also celebrates Green Business of the Year to showcase the environmental efforts of its members and features green businesses on their website and offices.