The Maryland Chapter

The Maryland Green Chamber is a state-wide organization that empowers businesses and communities in our diverse state to create environmentally friendly, sustainable business practices.

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Maryland Chapter Mission & Vision

Mission: To support and promote businesses and communities in Maryland to grow through the achievement of the triple bottom line: economic, environmental and social sustainability. Said another way, we are here for People, Planet and Profit.

Vision: To become Maryland’s premier green business organization representing the interests of businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions throughout the state by accelerating the goals of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and advancing business sustainability for the betterment of society, the economy, and the environment.


To learn about being a member of the Maryland Chapter of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, please contact us at or visit our national page and click on our “membership” link.

Founding Board Member

Claire is the Founding Member and Chairman of the Maryland Chapter. She came to know about the US Green Chamber while creating her own green business. She has a passion for efforts in Sustainability, and belongs to several local networking groups which has given her the opportunity to learn about the amazing businesses in her home state.
Claire was born in Annapolis, raised in Severna Park and completed a 25 year career as an aerospace engineer for the Navy. After some time off, she started to pursue a deep interest in creating alternative products that would reduce the trash and waste generated daily in our society. With a theme of Products and Practices for a Prettier Planet, her first items are becoming available and can be found at and

The Maryland Chapter is looking for potential board members who are passionate about conservation and want to support Maryland businesses that are making an impact on the state’s ecology, economy and culture. If you would like to support this chapter, please contact Claire at

Join The Maryland Chapter

Join the USGCC in Maryland and help promote our committed values:

Sustainable – As the Maryland Chapter of the USGCC, we will proudly be the trailblazers in leading businesses to a future with a green economy, social justice, and a healthy profit.

Innovative – The Maryland Chapter of the USGCC challenges our members to continuously grow, improve, and embrace creativity and innovation.

Professional – The Maryland Chapter of the USGCC promises to be responsible, transparent, efficient, and to lead with integrity.

HIP – The Maryland Chapter of the USGCC will maintain a Happy, Inspired, and Positive attitude to our members to make a difference in our world.

Successful – The Maryland Chapter of the USGCC believes that prosperity is attainable for, and through, the tireless efforts of MGCC members.

Leader – The Maryland Chapter of the USGCC is the fearless leader and advocate for a greener economy not only in our own businesses, but within our member community.

Grateful – The Maryland Chapter of the USGCC is always grateful to our sponsors, partners, and members for this shared opportunity to work towards our common goal of creating a greener and prosperous network of businesses.

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