Our chapters promote the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce’s focus on the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ by providing local businesses with a forum to stay ahead economically, and to foster environmental and social sustainability for the local community.

Support And Outreach

Chapters provide extra support and outreach to our businesses statewide. They are the local extension of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and provide opportunities for USGCC members to network with like-minded businesses, participate in various events and meetings, gain access to select educational resources, receive social media and news promotion, and advocate for social and environmental sustainability within your local community.

Founding Board Members

As a founding board member, you will have the opportunity to develop a local chapter that provides the most benefit for your community.

With your team, you will help to create and define the mission, vision and purpose of the chapter. You will help to build the chapter and develop your local networking, educational and advocacy outreach.

As a founding board member of your chapter, you will be recognized within your community as a leader among sustainable businesses, corporations, government entities and other non-profits. Your new recognition will help with your own business and further your career and professional development goals. Those who are passionate about sustainability, and who are pro-responsible business, have an opportunity to achieve great satisfaction in furthering the triple bottom line (environmental, social and economic sustainability) in your region.


Here are some of the additional Benefits of Starting a Chapter
  • Branding to a reputable national organization.
  • Chapter Organizational resources.

USGCC helps provide:

  • Marketing material examples
  • Event ideas
  • Policy Samples
  • Bylaws samples
  • Membership Samples
  • Promotion of Chapter Grand Opening Events and additional larger events
  • Help to connect your chapter with local business and partners
  • Critical timely information related to Business Sustainability News, Lobbying efforts, etc.
  • Ability to provide suggestions for National Lobbying efforts
  • Ability to share ideas on USGCC growth and development for selected chapter members on Chapter Steering Committee
  • Ability to co-coordinate on events
  • Ability to use the USGCC general Chapter Logo and have your own specific Chapter Logo provided.