Our Members

USGCC is the Fastest Growing Sustainability Focused Chamber of Commerce in the World. Members set themselves apart from their competition and receive countless benefits. Our members are the leaders, the innovators and the job creators of America’s emering economy.

Our Memberships

Businesses And Non-Profits

NEW MEMBER MENTION – As a new member your company will get your company name on our social media sites, bringing even more attention and traffic to your site business and generating more interest in your products and services

SPECIAL ACCESS TO SUSTAINABILITY EVENTS – Regardless of where you live or work, you will have access to these special events! The USGCC’s national educational team delivers the highest quality online programming including webinars, video series, and summits. As a Business Member, your name will also be included on the “invitation only” special events.

ADVERTISEMENT – You also qualify to submit one paid advertisement for your company in the USGCC newsletter, reaching all of our thousands of members across the nation. This helps you connect directly with the exact consumers and businesses wanting and needing your products and services the most, who prefer dealing with you over other less socially and ecologically conscious companies in your competitive space.

USGCC BUSINESS MEMBER WEBSITE LOGO – Consumers are increasingly choosing companies that are committed to business sustainability over those that focus on short-term profits to the exclusion of the environment or other social issues. By prominently displaying the USGCC Logo on your website, you demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability, establishing yourselves as the forward thinking market leaders to trust and do business with into the future.

2018 New BUSINESS Members Bonus

ARTICLE/PRESS RELEASE – Every new company may submit a 500 word article/press release each year for our blog/news, with twitter alerts to our entire membership. This exposes your company, your vision, your products and services in your own words to tens of thousands of members and media, opening new doors to potential national publicity and expanding streams of revenue for your business. (Subject to Editorial Board Approval. We may also consider other timely articles and news releases from our members for publication).

USGCC NEWSLETTER – There is so much news about green and social sustainability every month — consumer trends, legislative actions, funding, grants and more — it can be impossible for busy business people to sort through all of it and distill the parts that really matter most — to your business, today. Your USGCC NEWSLETTER saves you the time, effort and energy and delivers this mission critical information to you clearly and concisely, month after month. Plus, you’ll get details on national and local events are also featured, member spotlights, special notices, legislative outreach, timely articles and special discounts for our members… a must-read resource that will keep you on the cutting edge!

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES – Government bodies and agencies are enacting rules and legislation every week that can affect your green business positively or negatively. It’s easy for busy business people to be surprised months later, and find you’ve missed deadlines or opportunities that have already impacted their bottom line. Our Business Level members always get the information “hot off the press,” giving you the greatest advance notice of upcoming changes possible, protecting your profits and putting you in line for even greater profitability in the future.

ADVOCACY – In order to most effectively serve the green business community, advocating for our members’ best interests is an integral part of the U.S. Green Chamber’s mission. We lobby on the issues and policies that affect these industries the most. Our members are at the forefront of a green revolution, built on a model of business sustainability to make sure you and your business, in turn, can continue to specialize and thrive.

EXCLUSIVE ONLINE & OFFLINE NETWORKING – Finally you have a single online space where you can connect with other socially and environmentally conscious businesses, forward thinking financial investors, governmental, nonprofit organizations and conscientious consumers. In addition, by participating in state chapters and local branch live networking meetings, you’ll have dozens of powerful networking options to dramatically increase your business-to-business and business-to-consumer opportunities locally, regionally and nationally, exponentially, benefiting your business on every level.

SUSTAINABILITY RESOURCE DISCOUNTS FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM – Not all companies are at the same place on the sustainability curve. That’s why as part of your membership you can obtain ongoing, ever-evolving “Membership Toolkits” of valuable resources, at a substantial discount, to help you improve sustainability within your company or organization, including:

  • Maximizing Energy Efficiency
  • Green Transportation for your Business
  • Cost-Effective Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Social Engagement With Customers, Vendors and Staff
  • Waste Management Beyond Recycling
  • Water Conservation That Impacts Your Bottom Line and many more…

Whatever pieces you need to help your company forge ahead, you will find a member Toolkit resource to guide you. Now you have a solid source you can trust to keep you updated on the most crucial environmental-related issues happening both locally and nationally, filter out and distinguish “green-washing” from true sustainability, and work to build a powerful level of awareness between a variety of green industries and consumers.

ADVERTISING – All members can also choose to boost exposure through advertising opportunities in USGCC newsletters and publications, and more. These ads will be reaching the exact market of conscious buyers who will appreciate and identify with your stand for sustainability.


OFFICE DEPOT/OFFICE MAX DISCOUNT – Business Level members get as much as 60% off 175 items, and up to 70 percent off printing at Office Depot. It’s easy for many businesses to cover their entire USGCC membership fees through these savings alone! We choose Office Depot/Office Max because of their focus on green products and its commitment to sustainability
ASK A MENTOR PROGRAM – Imagine being able to discuss your business’ internal challenges and needs with a seasoned CEO or Company chairman, gleaning their insights and learning from their guidance. Our Business Level members benefit from our partnership with SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives), a nonprofit association with over 364 chapters nationwide that’s dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed. It’s like having a business consultant on call with the exact knowledge and experience you need… at no added cost to you.


SPONSORSHIP’S – As a member you have the opportunity to be showcased as a sponsor of local, regional and national events, establishing you as a market and thought leader and giving you an unparalleled edge over non-green competitors.

Midsized Businesses and Corporate Members

Our Corporate Members receive all the benefits of our Business and Non-Profit Memberships, as well as the following:

submit two (2) 500 word article/press release each year for our blog/news, with twitter alerts to our entire membership. This exposes your company, your vision, your products and services in your own words to tens of thousands of members and media, opening new doors to potential national publicity and expanding streams of revenue for your business. (Subject to Editorial Board Approval. We may also consider other timely articles and news releases from our members for publication).

SOCIAL NETWORKING POSTS – Your company may submit five (5) Sustainability focused social networking promotional posts on the U.S. Green Chamber Facebook and Twitter accounts to highlight your unique value propositions, new approaches and how you are integrating sustainability into your business model each and every day. These posts are closely followed by national media, looking for companies to spotlight and bring attention to — publicity money cannot buy! (Subject to Editorial Board Approval. We may also consider other timely posts from our members for publication).

VIP EVENT INVITES – You and your company will receive special VIP advance invitations for upcoming USGCC roundtable, networking, galas and other prominent events, both live and online. For example, we have just launched our 2015 National Education Video Series, are currently scheduling our “Women As Game Changers” podcast series, and have special state chapters and local branch events happening nationwide.

EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE – Imagine direct access to learn and grow from those who have been leading the way for corporate success… and be able to apply their insights and experience directly into your own business! That’s what our Executive Roundtable for Corporate Members gives you as a member. You’ll be able to enjoy personal introductions and connections with high level members, all facilitated by the USGCC CEO or Board members. Together, through open idea sharing and strategy discussions with executives around the nation, we can exponentially advance the winning concepts of profitable sustainability into more businesses nationwide much faster, including yours.


MANAGEMENT GROWTH & EXPERIENCE – All successful business owners and leaders engage in continuous professional development and improvement, and this is especially true when you’re smart enough to be looking for sustainability solutions. Imagine being able to spend time working alongside the top sustainability leaders in the nation! As a member, you can apply to serve on one of our many national committees such as:

  • Chapter Steering
  • National Advocacy
  • National Education
  • Marketing Events
  • Awards
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial and many more…

The contacts alone are priceless! Plus, the impact you make on the advancement of sustainability nationwide will enhance your standing as a leader and recognized expert in your own right! And, as a committee member your bio and headshot will be prominently included on the USGCC website to establish your impact beyond doubt.

Additional Memberships available


Student and individual members get free or discounted access to most live and online events, subscription to the USGCC Newsletter, Job Board and access to other USGCC Members around the country.


We have a special membership category for consumers who want green products and services and information on how to use their own purchasing power in the market place.. This consumer membership includes a subscription to our USGCC Newsletter, Green Cosumer-focused programs and the ability to receive special green offers from members in their area.