About the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce represents the voice of hundreds of thousands of small, midsized and large American businesses and global corporations who like you understand that…

  • Business success and sustainability go hand-in-hand
  • Shareholder value and social consciousness co-exist side-by-side
  • Long-term business profits, global leadership and environmental stewardship are inseparable from each other.

Your Business Cares

Individually, hundreds of thousands of forward-thinking business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders know that business offers the best solution to a healthier planet, more fulfilled lives, and a thriving economy in the U.S. and around the world. We share the courage and integrity to change long-held perceptions of good corporate citizenship, and represent the best possible future of business in America and globally.  The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce connects your voice with thousands of others into a unified message for our government leaders and society that Your Business Cares about your profits AND ecology, about your business growth AND sustainability, and about your people as much as your markets.


The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce is your resource, where you can meet with other leading American business owners to dialogue online and offline, create new relationships, and build a more sustainable and competitive business, and expand your markets nationally and globally.  Here you will receive cutting-edge training and advanced business insights, meet and mingle with internationally-recognized thought leaders, and have your voice taken to the highest offices of governments.  Here also, like-minded consumers will seek you out and reward your commitment to excellence and sustainability, by choosing to do commerce with you over other less conscious or caring companies.

Advancing Technology

As advancing technologies provide greater solutions to energy, environmental and other issues, it is these forward-looking businesses like yours that will continue to lead the way in creating new jobs and new economies, leaving behind outdated, self-limiting and unsustainable business practices that, as history has proven repeatedly, ultimately fail.  It will be your business and thousands of other like-minded companies that will carry us into the future as a strong nation with unlimited potential, prepared to lead the world in sustainable, profitable growth and prosperity.