Imagine seeing a sticker that says ‘We respect all’ right beside an illuminated ‘open’ sign at a business or seeing the ‘We respect all’ icon on websites — allowing us (aka consumers) to instantly identify and choose like-minded businesses, brands, schools, universities and organizations to support and give marketshare to. This is what the ‘Respect All’ solution is about. Additionally, this is a tool civil organizations, communities of faith and even households can use to enhance and broaden their message of inclusion.

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Why Is It Important

Because society is made up of people who are all different. We all look different, have different heritages, different abilities, different likes and dislikes, different beliefs and opinions, and different ways of life. And yes, we even vote differently.
But what we also know, is that the vast majority of people want to live harmoniously and peacefully.


We’ve created a pledge for individuals , businesses, schools and organizations to sign — and a visual identifier for all to display, to communicate their belief in mutual respect.