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Shawn Seipler, Founder & CEO

Company/NGO Name:

Clean the World

Region, Country:

Florida, United States

  1. What is the mission of your company/NGO?

Clean the World is a global impact organization whose mission is to save millions of lives around the world through the recycling and distribution of soap. Our goal is to eradicate hygiene-related deaths by providing sustainable resources, programming, and education focused on water, sanitation, and hygiene for all those affected by poverty, homelessness, and humanitarian or natural crises.




  1. What is the most innovative or environmentally/socially impactful project/practice your company/NGO has implemented?

Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program recycles used soap from hotels, airlines, and cruise lines, and distributes it to communities in need of critical hygiene supplies around the world. Since 2009, Clean the World has distributed over 60 million bars of soap and 5 million hygiene kits to vulnerable people while diverting 22 million pounds of waste from landfills.


  1. How have those projects positively impacted the local community and/ or your country?

We recycle soap not only for distribution to underserved communities around the world, but also for use in our Fresh Start WASH & Wellness Program, which has provided nearly 25,000 mobile showers and distributed over 32,000 hygiene kits to local community members in need. Access to critical handwashing supplies helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 to the population at large.


  1. Please share any new projects you will be implementing in the near future.

Our Fresh Start Wash & Wellness Program addresses the hygiene needs of individuals experiencing homelessness by providing access to mobile showers and connections to other wrap around services. Through the expansion of this program, nearly 25,000 showers have been provided and homelessness in Las Vegas has been reduced by 15%. Our goal is to implement this program across the country.


To learn more, please visit PlasticRoad on their website and social media:

Clean The World Website




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