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Dr Wesam Al Madhoun

Company/NGO Name:

Global Ambassadors of Sustainability (GAoS)

Region, Country:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1. What is the mission of your company/NGO?

Empowering of community and innovation to support the development of a new era of conscious generations and leaders that will enable our transition to “A Sustainable Lifestyle”.


2. What is the most innovative or environmentally/socially impactful project/practice your company/NGO has implemented?

The GAoS network was lunched on August 2020 with an aim to promote sustainable development understanding and practices. So, the core scope of GAOS is promoting the balance between economic development, environmental protection and social justice.


3. How have those projects positively impacted the local community and/ or your country?

Our projects and activities impact the community through empowering young generations and raising the awareness on sustainability importance.


4. Please share any new projects you will be implementing in the near future.

Currently we are focusing on highlighting the role of academia towards achieving sustainability, several global academic institutes are taking part of the discussion and activities.


5. What are your top 3 career accomplishments?

  • Affiliation of GAoS Network with CIFAL Saudi Arabia, under UNITAR.
  • Joint implementation of a program with UNESCO, on eco-civilization and Peace.
  • Several global partnerships with UN Habitate, Global Climate Pledge and SWEDO.


6. What inspired you to choose your career path?

Since day one of my exposure to sustainable development during a training program which I attended in Malaysia when I was doing my PhD in 2009.

I perceive sustainability as a style of living and balance, this was further fueled during COVID 19 crises, which shows the weakness of global community and the need to raise awareness on sustainability as part of building back better.


7. What is/are the biggest environmental or social challenge(s) facing your country today?

The biggest incentives for businesses are that the environmental challenges became a business opportunity rather than a burden, such as waste recycling.


8. What are your thoughts on climate change? What is your company/organization doing to help bring awareness or to help mitigate climate change?

We need to reduce the debate and argument on climate change, and stop politicizing the issue. Greenhouse gases which is the root of global warming should be tackled as part of the air pollutants which cause a lot of health issues and 7 million deaths every year as published by WHO.


9. What are the biggest challenges you have faced when pursuing or trying to promote sustainable practices/projects?

The perception of people that you aways need funding to contribute to sustainability and climate actions while one of the main changes is lacking the awareness on such issues. Awareness campaigns and capacity building programs can contribute hugely to promote sustainability and climate action.


To learn more, please visit Global Ambassadors of Sustainability on their website and social media:

GAoS’s website: https://gsdevelopment.org/

GAoS’s official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3746720922023120 

GAoS’s official Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/gaos202022/

GAoS’s LinkedIn page: https://sa.linkedin.com/company/global-ambassadors-of-sustainability