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Paola Grandela Murasso

Company/NGO Name:

Aceros AZA

Region, Country:


1. What is the mission of your company/ngo? 

Aceros AZA is the leading producer of green steel and the largest recycler of ferrous scrap in Chile. With over 70 years of history, the company has extensive experience in environmental care, safety, and best practices in industrial recycling.


2. What is the most innovative or environmentally/socially impactful project/practice your company/NGO has implemented?

Our company not only produces one of the lowest carbon footprint steels in the global steel industry but also contributes to the development of a more sustainable country. For example, we conduct scrap collection campaigns across the entire territory, even reaching the most remote locations, such as Antarctica, Easter Island, and others. We do this in collaboration with our network of recyclers, one of the largest in the country.


3. How have those projects positively impacted the local community and/ or your country?

These projects address a national issue, as often authorities lack the capacity to recycle in such remote locations. We make all our tools available to achieve this. What’s interesting is that communities appreciate it greatly because we reach places few others do.


4. Please share any new projects you will be implementing in the near future.

We will continue working on reducing our carbon footprint through the implementation of clean energies and other energy efficiency improvement projects. Additionally, we will continue developing clean-up projects in remote territories to contribute to a cleaner country. We look forward to continuing to work with communities to remove scrap from those challenging-to-reach places.


5. What are your top 3 career accomplishments?

The first of them is having been involved in the startup of our plant in Santiago, a facility that is very close to a major urban center. This is quite a challenge. On the other hand, I take pride in having successfully integrated sustainability into AZA’s DNA. Currently, sustainability is something everyone practices. It’s not the mission of one department; it is integrated throughout the entire company.


6. What inspired you to choose your career path?

My main source of inspiration is the circular economy model. It’s a production approach that truly inspires me. Contributing to building a better world, a more sustainable country.


7. Personally—Why do you care about sustainability? What is your story?

There is nothing more important than incorporating sustainability into business. Today, we have discovered how a business can be highly profitable by embracing a sustainable vision. I started in this field several decades ago when the country was not yet discussing environmental care, concern for communities, or carbon footprint-related issues. I have grown professionally with these topics, and that is what motivates me the most.


8. What is/are the biggest environmental or social challenge(s) facing your country today?

As a country, we are committed to decarbonization and the transition to a renewable energy. In addition, we are working to overcome the challenges we face, such as inequality, education, and productivity, which are significant internal concerns. In these areas, companies can also contribute, and through public-private partnerships, we will be able to overcome them.


9. What are your thoughts on climate change? What is your company/organization doing to help bring awareness or to help mitigate climate change?

Climate change is a challenge that the entire society must address: industries, companies, governments, everyone. It is a multidimensional task that requires significant agreements and commitments to continue growing economically, without harming the environment or jeopardizing the future of new generations.


10. What are the biggest challenges you have faced when pursuing or trying to promote sustainable practices/projects?

I believe that the challenges have been different over the years. As a company, we promoted sustainability when hardly anyone else did. Being a pioneer is always a more difficult path. Nowadays, it’s easier, as many more have sustainability at the center of their decisions.


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