California’s Cap-and-Trade 101

By Valerie Kosheleff California Air Resources Board (CARB) moves forward this month by approving a Draft Resolution to the Cap-and-Trade rulemaking.  Cap-and-Trade, also called Emissions Trading, in California is part of the state’s 2006 landmark climate change legislation, Assembly Bill (AB) 32. Cap-and-Trade is only one component of AB 32, but is perhaps the least…

Sandy Feet Events

Sandy Feet Events, the premiere athletic and social events company in San Diego, was started by owner Rachel Hiner.  What makes Sandy Feet Events stand out as the best events company in town is a combination of Rachel’s experience in this industry (co-founder Sun Strides Foundation) and the commitment to sponsoring events with a conscience. …

Featured Green Chamber Member: Green Envy Clothing

Founded in 2009 Green Envy Clothing Promotional started as an online Organic fashion boutique that now focuses on promotional products and branded apparel.

Elizabeth Rosales, Owner of Green Envy Clothing Promotional is a California native and the company is based in San Diego, California. Elizabeth has combined her sales and marketing experience with her passion for the environment.