We are all global citizens. With your support, the USGCC and Climate Counts can fight back against the looming effects of climate change. Your support will fund a sustainability and diplomatic expedition around the world as well as an exciting climate change certification! It is essential to us and we thank you!


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The Expedition

  • Why? Because Paris fell short
  • Advocate for more sustainable practices
  • Brings all the stakeholders together to start a conversation
  • Visits every single established country in the world and will hold 195 summits; all have signed the Paris climate agreement
  • One day summit in each country communicating with elected and business leaders
  • Aims to build the world’s largest sustainability network
  • Foster and build international relations
  • More. Faster. Together.

The Certification

  • Educates the public about climate change
  • Share knowledge with others and make an impact at your business, home and community
  • Brings awareness to sustainable practices
  • Supports the slowing of climate change
  • Provides businesses and chamber of commerce sustainable learning, promotional and action tools