Del Mar City Council Opposes Prop’ 23

Many concerned citizens showed up at the Del Mar city council meeting yesterday, including Aaron Contorer, Lane Sharman, Jack Genauer and Peter Zahn, chairman of the board of the Green Chamber to speak against the oil companies’ initiative to delay AB 32. After hearing the speakers and considering the environmental and business issues, the council decided to oppose prop 23 and support AB 32

What does a YES or NO mean?

The Green Ride – Hybrid Vehicles

As it seems, cars are the number one cause for GHGs emission in modern cities. London and Paris are now monitoring the amount of vehicles entering the city on a daily basis. This is one way to deal with the problem. Another is to switch to cars that release less GHG and use less oil-…

Featured Green Chamber Member: Green Envy Clothing

Founded in 2009 Green Envy Clothing Promotional started as an online Organic fashion boutique that now focuses on promotional products and branded apparel.

Elizabeth Rosales, Owner of Green Envy Clothing Promotional is a California native and the company is based in San Diego, California. Elizabeth has combined her sales and marketing experience with her passion for the environment.