The Golden State is still golden

Polluters and their friends have made a blood sport out of knocking California’s economy and regulatory climate. Yet study after study from the Public Policy Institute of California about business relocations debunks the myths being repeated by the conservative propaganda machine.

World Oceans Day: Conservation Through Digital Art and Activism

TheBlu is one part social network, one part online game and a splash of oceanic activism. Users can explore an entire underwater world replete with thousands of the ocean’s creatures by themselves or with Facebook friends. Every action a user takes while in theBlu’s watery world has an impact somewhere else in the app’s universe: a message that the ocean, while vast and mighty, is also sensitive to pollution and tampering.

The EWG’s Hall of Shame Database of Toxic Household Cleaners

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce applauds the EWG’s efforts to educate consumers regarding toxic chemicals found in household cleaners. If a product has a childproof cap and a warning label, then you should probably think twice about exposing your home, pets, and loved ones to its caustic ingredients. EWG’s Hall of Shame serves as an excellent guide for eco-conscious consumers who prefer to buy nontoxic household cleaners that will not jeopardize our health or contaminate our ecology.

Sustainability As a Competitive Edge

  Pressure from customers, shareholders, governments and the general public pushes firms to improve their environmental performance — but what about a firm’s competitors? What role does competition between companies play in influencing environmental practices? Christian Hofer (University of Arkansas), David E. Cantor (Iowa State University) and Jing Dai (Iowa State University) asked the same…