Solar Energy Is Ready. The U.S. Isn’t

Clean energy has become a dirty word in presidential politics. In their second debate, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama each tried to outdo the other’s love of fossil fuels: Obama extolling his record on oil and natural gas production, Romney vowing to take “advantage of the oil and coal we have here.” The Republican candidate…


A Tragicomic Take on Cape Wind –

More than 10 years later, the offshore project is still not up and running, although it has passed some regulatory hurdles and survived a few legal challenges from locals who oppose the project. The long controversy is now the focus of a documentary, “Cape Spin: An American Power Struggle,” which opened on Friday in Washington after showings in Boston and a sprinkling of film festivals.

Four Major Energy Sources: Their Pros and Cons

RP Siegel frequently contributes to Triple Pundit, a website devoted to sustainability initiatives  favoring “people, planet, profits.”  Recently Triple Pundit posted Siegel’s series exploring the advantages and disadvantages of four widely used energy sources that fuel American industry. Whether a fossil fuel or renewable energy, every source presents its own unique set of challenges. Complex…