Global Sustainability in Action

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Global Sustainability Expedition.

Your participation and/or partnership allows us all to amplify exponential climate action by:


  1. Developing a new SUSTAINABILITY NETWORK by fostering new and existing strategic partnerships with key leaders locally, nationally and globally
  2. Promotion of climate and sustainability successes in each country
  3. Showcasing key Sustainability Leaders in each country/region
  4. Connecting in person with vital governmental, business, and NGO, officials and leaders to influence change
  5. Researching and showcasing key solutions, policies, and businesses and  in each country
  6. Making connections with our Global Experts to those who need help in energy transition from our network
  7. Continuing to build a Global Repository of Sustainability Policies and solutions to share Internationally
  8. Taking action by engaging and promoting service activities like reforestation, sustainable farming, etc.
  9. Expanding climate knowledge and communications through education and partnerships.
  10. And much more!

Continue Our Journey With Us!

We have had great success in Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Kosovo, Mexico, Albania, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize and we now invite you to join and support us on our next series of countries. 

We are building meaningful PARTNERSHIPS that are making a difference.

We are coming together to share and expand solutions, communications, and climate actions that are making —or could make— a positive impact. 

We are delivering Sustainability solutions, policies and stories of hope and success from each country’s LEADERS from these areas:

  •  NGO’s / Non-Profit Organizations
  • Media
  • Government (and policies associated)
  • Businesses- Including SME’s
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Universities
  • Untapped voices- (Indigenous Nations, disadvantaged communities, etc)


Our Next Series will be in Canada & South Asia!

Join us in Canada in September and South Asia in October of 2024 , as we will be building partnerships, holding events/activities and promoting the sustainability solutions and leaders in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Alberta, Canada.  

Each country has its own unique expertise and creative solutions that they bring to the table that will be shared, not only with our local events/activities, but on a global level as well!  

We want to celebrate the incredible sustainability progress that has been made in each of these countries and cities, but we will also connect with global experts on the challenges that need extra attention.

Events and Activities

Be part of the collective team to amplify change and commitments through events/activities.  Each city or location will hold at least 1 type of event to foster change or inspiration. These events can  vary from small meetings of community leaders to activities to large summits including top governmental leaders etc.  Examples include:

  • Partnership Building – With our extensive network of leaders, our aim is to bring different sector leaders together to share ideas and start new and innovative projects TOGETHER. An example of this could be a Rotary Club developing a new Reforestation partnership program with an environmental NGO.
  • Service Activities– These can be quite varied and include actions that make a difference. They can include other large groups of volunteers or more intimate strategic  actions.  They can include activities like tree planting/Reforestation, Reef Restorations, EV promotion events,, Sustainable Gardening, Plant-rich diet cooking events, How-To Solar installation, Composting, Youth Education and engagement,  etc.
  • Meetings– small, but impactful meetings for informational sharing and/or strategic planning
  • Summits/Conferences– Larger sessions designed to bring top leaders together in unique ways that haven’t been done before. Experts from around the world can also join virtually during these sessions. 
  • Press Events– We will create a press package to include each area’s partners/strategies/successes etc to amplify the message of action. We can hold events inviting the local media to participate, learn and ask questions.
  • Eco-Promotion Visit, highlight and promote a region’s environmental treasures. These could be national parks, areas of endangered species, unique outdoor activities specific to the region, etc. 
  • Cultural Exchange– Bringing together and promoting cultural exchanges, events, and qualities. An example might be staying with an indigenous nation in a remote region of the country and sharing their generational knowledge and solutions. 
  • Policy Exchange– As we travel from country to country, we aim to collect and share the top effective sustainable policies with governmental leaders.  In addition, we will be sharing our repository of sustainability-focused databases from around the globe.
  • Highlighting Sustainable Governmental Leaders– Through our Global Sustainability Leaders series, we feature governmental, NGO and Business leaders who have taken extra steps to catapult their nations green practices.
  • Featuring Eco-Travel Locations, Tours and Practices– Every country has special eco-villages, environmental tours, and sustainability practices to transform their country’s focus on tourism. 
  • Share and Develop Success Stories–  We will share at least one INCREDIBLE story of resilience and environmental success for each country. This may be a personal journey’s story or it could be a national success story. In addition, we will collect  the successes of the expedition in each country and share internationally. 
  • And Much more!

Join our Global Sustainability Expedition!

   Because this critical moment calls for a different approach

  • 500+ Sustainability Summits, Events and/or Activities in 195 Countries!
  • Highlighting and Promoting NEW stakeholders and players 
  • SHARING a NEW repository of Sustainability Policies
  • Building a NEW connected Global Sustainability Network
  • Share stories of hope and resilience from those who are overcoming climate challenges.
  • Solving Global Challenges alongside NGO’s, Mayors, Indigenous Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and more
  • Making History– This has never been done before!

We want YOU! Real Change will only happen with EVERYONE

We at the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, Global Climate Pledge, Rotary Climate Action Team Network, Chambers for Sustainability Coalition,    and our numerous global non-profit and business partners, are working with dedicated sustainability leaders bring this expedition and our Sustainability Summits to EVERY COUNTRY in the world!

In our past 7 countries, we met with Presidents, National NGO leaders, Corporate CEO’s, Ministers of Environment, IGO leaders and more to help catapult climate action and new  climate ideas.

But we have been missing 90%+ of the TEAM!

NGOs, governments and corporations have already started to mobilize, but to truly accelerate ambition at this late stage, we must all do more to bring in new participants. However, several groups have been missing from the global sustainability and climate change movement. 

  1. SME’s–According to the World Bank, 90% of all businesses in the world today are the small and midsize businesses, and they have been largely out of the sustainability loop. The time for transformation has arrived. We will form relationships and work side by side with small to midsize businesses/enterprises (SME’s) to develop sustainable practices and find new solutions.
  2. Indigenous NationsNot only do Indigenous communities contribute the least to greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, but they often must defend themself against extractive industries whose activities further the devastating effects of climate change and violate the human rights of Indigenous peoples. In order to address this climate injustice, it is vital that we listen to the stories and solutions of Indigenous peoples. We must  learn from Indigenous leaders about the reality of the climate crisis in their communities, crucial efforts to adapt and build resilience, and the power of traditional ecological knowledge to create a sustainable future. 
  3. Marginalized and Vulnerable CommunitiesEvidence strongly suggests climate change is an environmental injustice that will exacerbate existing racial disparities across a broad range of health and social outcomes. Experience suggests that the best way to address climate change impacts on impoverished communities is  integrating adaptation responses into development planning. We must bring everyone to the table to assure equity in this transition. 
  4. Rotary  and Other Global Service Clubs– Until recently, Rotary International– the largest Global Service club in the world was not taking environmental action ,especially when related to climate change. But with the new adoption of the 7th area of focus -The Environment– and the Rotary Climate Action Team Network, we have a new ally in the fight for climate action. 
  5. Chambers of Commerce– Chambers have traditionally focused on the bottom-line only when it comes to both business practices and policies. Recently, chambers around the world have started to transition to the triple bottom line and the green economy. This new ally will help the business community and influence local governments to be a leader in this sustainability space. 

TOGETHER with our Governmental, NGO and Corporate leaders we can catalyze and amplify change.

Why? Because there is no time to waste!

Paris fell short. Way short! And now we are in a CLIMATE CRISES. At today’s pace, the world will overshoot 1.5C and 2C sooner than expected. The time has come for revolutionary ambition and acceleration of climate action with NEW stakeholders, NEW innovative solutions, NEW shared policies, NEW practices, NEW experts and and NEW STRATEGIES.  We can no longer rely on business as usual and must find the pathway for climate stability through our business community and beyond. The acceleration  that will only happen when EVERYONE joins.

It takes the biggest sustainability network ever built, and it begins where you are. Locally. Right there. In your country, city and community.  MORE. FASTER. TOGETHER

The Paris Commitments can only happen, a new prosperity can only happen, sustainable development can only happen, when we come together to mobilize more people in more places to launch greater and faster action.


500+ Sustainability Summits/Activities in 195 countries!

We are taking SUSTAINABILITY on the road with no country left behind. During our summits, meetings and/or events, we will be sharing and collating new and innovative tools and practices with our partners/sponsors to help all businesses and governments to accelerate the sustainability goals and NDC’s.

  • 54 countries in Africa
  • 48 in Asia
  • 44 in Europe
  • 14 in Oceania
  • 2 in North America
  • 33 in Latin America

Attention Partners and Collaborators- It is Time to Make HISTORY with us!

As a  Sustainability and Climate Leader in your country and region, we invite you to join us  in our solutions, planning, events, activities, travels, connections and more!

  • Gain Global, National and Regional Exposure
  • Promotion of your Sustainability Programs, Solutions, etc.
  • Network with other  world leaders
  • Partner with Media and communication outlets
  • International speaking opportunities
  • Be an integral part of transitioning businesses/nations/NGO’s  to take climate action
  • And much more!

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to our Global Sustainability Expedition.

Your 501(c)3  tax-deductible donations through our Fiscal Sponsor at the Givsum Foundation allows us to amplify exponential climate action in our one-of-a-kind project.

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