Continue Our Journey With Us!

We have had great success in Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Kosovo and Albania and we now invite you to join and support us on our next series of countries where top business leaders from large corporations, as well as small to mid-size enterprises,  will discuss NEW green innovations, NDC collaboration, frameworks for local, regional and global solutions, eco-design initiatives, inventive pathways,  and much more. Our partners and experts will also provide insight on leadership tools for organizational systems and  transformation towards sustainability that will help to leapfrog businesses toward a greener economy.

Each country has its own unique expertise and creative solutions that they bring to the table that will be shared, not only with with our local meetings and summits, but on a global level as well!  We want to celebrate the incredible sustainability progress that has been made in each of these areas, but also work with global solutions and experts on the challenges that need attention.

Join our Global Sustainability Expedition!

               Because this critical moment calls for a different approach


  • 250+ Sustainability Summits in 195 Countries!
  • Enhancing NDC action with NEW stakeholders and players from the Business community
  • Building a NEW connected Global Sustainability Network
  • Solving Global Challenges alongside Business Leaders, NGO’s, Mayors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and more
  • Corporate Sustainability Leadership- New approaches/solutions
  • NEW-Engage the remaining 95% of the World’s Businesses— SME’s.
  • NEW- Building a Repository of Sustainability Solutions and Practices for cities and businesses
  • NEW- Working with Chambers of Commerce to make Sustainability a priority
  • Making History– This has never been done before!

How Can You Join Us?

  • Apply to become a national host for your country, city or region. We work mostly with NGO’s that are in the Business Sustainability space and/or top business leaders that have a desire to be part of our  Global  Leadership Team and Network!
  • Become a Sponsor and be highlighted as a leader in Sustainability
  • Make connections and introductions to additional top sustainability or governmental leaders in each summit city
  • Become a Global Sustainability Ambassador to represent your country
  • Attend one or more of our summits!
  • Provide In-Kind Donations
  • Submit ideas for our repository of Innovative & Sustainable Solutions/Practices/Policies
  • Volunteer to assist on the expedition in your country and beyond!

We want YOU! Real Change will only happen with EVERYONE

We at the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce,  and our numerous global non-profit and business partners, are working with corporations,  universities, rotary clubs, government leaders,  cities,  and top NGO’s to bring this expedition and our Sustainability Summits to EVERY COUNTRY in the world!

But we have been missing 90% of the TEAM!

NGOs, governments and corporations have already started to mobilize, but to truly accelerate ambition at this late stage, we must all do more to bring in new participants. Something huge has been missing from the global sustainability and climate change movement. According to the World Bank, 90% of all business in the world today are the small and midsize businesses, and they have been largely out of the sustainability loop. The time for transformation has arrived.

We will bring in and work side by side with small to midsized businesses/enterprises (SME’s) to find new solutions.

TOGETHER with our Governmental, NGO and Corporate leaders we can catalyze and amplify change.

Chambers for Sustainability Coalition

How do we reach these corporations and SME’s and positively accelerate NDC’s?  In addition to our existing business, NGO, and government network, we have a growing coalition and network of Chambers of Commerce from around the world that have already started working with their businesses and governments to green their cities and communities.

Chambers of Commerce were created in 1599 in Marseille, France and are the largest collective business network on the planet with over 15,000 globally and in almost every country. The power of chambers of commerce can be used in these efforts.

Through our programs, toolkits, webinars and resources, we have been helping  regular chambers of commerce to lead on sustainability.

Why? Because there is no time to waste!

Paris fell short. Way short! And now we are in a CLIMATE CRISES. At today’s pace, the world will overshoot 1.5C and 2C sooner than expected. The time has come for revolutionary ambition and acceleration of climate action with NEW stakeholders, NEW innovative solutions, NEW shared policies, NEW practices, NEW experts and and NEW STRATEGIES.  We can no longer rely on business as usual and must find the pathway for climate stability through our business community and beyond. The acceleration  that will only happen when EVERYONE joins.

It takes the biggest sustainability network ever built, and it begins where you are. Locally. Right there. In your country, city and community.  MORE. FASTER. TOGETHER

The Paris Commitments can only happen, a new prosperity can only happen, sustainable development can only happen, when we come together to mobilize more people in more places to launch greater and faster action.


250+ Sustainability Summits in 195 countries!

We are taking SUSTAINABILITY on the road with no country left behind. During our summits, meetings and/or events, we will be sharing and collating new and innovative tools and practices with our partners/sponsors to help all businesses and governments to accelerate the sustainability goals and NDC’s.

  • 54 countries in Africa
  • 48 in Asia
  • 44 in Europe
  • 14 in Oceania
  • 2 in North America
  • 33 in Latin America

Attention Sponsors- It is Time to Make HISTORY with us!

  • International speaking opportunities
  • Gain Global Exposure
  • Promotion on all sponsored meetings/summits/events
  • Be an integral part of transitioning businesses/nations/ngo’s etc to NetZero
  • Network with world leaders
  • Exposure/Mention on all press releases
  • New solutions access
  • Promotion on USGCC website and program related materials
  • Recognized as a global leader in climate and sustainable action
  • And much more!