We invite you to the #ForoDeNegociosVerdes of the US Green Chamber of Commerce (@usgreenchamber), the Green Chamber of Commerce (@camaraverdeorg) and Brigard Urrutia this Nov 6 from 8 am to 8 pm in the auditorium of Brigard Urrutia (Calle 70A # 4-41, Bogotá).



Join our Global Sustainability and Diplomatic Expedition!

               Because this critical moment calls for a different approach



  • 250+ Sustainability Summits in 195 Countries!
  • Building the Largest Sustainability Network in the World
  • Solving Global Challenges alongside Presidents, Prime Ministers, Mayors, Corporate Leaders, NGO’s and more
  • NEW-Engage the remaining 95% of the World’s Businesses— SME’s.
  • Bringing the Paris Accord Summits and Solutions to YOU!
  • Making History—This has NEVER been done before!

How can you join us?

  • Become a Sponsor and be highlighted as a leader in Sustainability
  • Are you an elected official? Apply to become a speaker at the summit in your city/country
  • Become a Global Sustainability Ambassador to represent your country
  • Follow us on our blog and social media
  • Attend one or more of our summits!
  • Donate
  • Provide In-Kind Donations
  • Provide Tools/Resources
  • Make connections and introductions to additional top sustainability or governmental leaders in each summit city
  • Volunteer to assist on the expedition in your country and beyond!

We want YOU! Real Change will only happen with EVERYONE

We at the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, Climate Counts, Homera, International Sustainable Chamber of Commerce, and U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce Institute are working with National Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Mayors, Cities, Corporations,  and top NGO’s to bring this expedition and our Sustainability Summits to EVERY COUNTRY in the world.

But we have been missing 95% of the TEAM!

NGOs, governments and corporations have mobilized. But to truly accelerate ambition at this late stage, we must all do more to bring in new participants. Something huge has been missing from the global sustainability and climate change movement. According to the World Bank, 95% of all business in the world today are the small and midsize businesses, and they have been largely out of the sustainability loop. The time for transformation has arrived.

We will bring in and work side by side with small to midsized businesses/enterprises (SME’s) to find new solutions.

TOGETHER with our Governmental, NGO and Corporate leaders we can catalyze and amplify change.

To Grow the Family

It takes the biggest sustainability network ever built, and it begins where you are. Locally. Right there. In your country, city and community.  MORE. FASTER. TOGETHER

The Paris Commitments can only happen, a new prosperity can only happen, sustainable development can only happen, when we come together to mobilize more people in more places to launch greater and faster action.

Bringing Paris to YOU!

Few of us went to Paris on December 2015. Even fewer attend a COP conference each year. Local leaders go, but only some, and that has yet to translate into massive participation back home.


The Expedition is a new way of taking Paris to YOU! 

It is your opportunity to participate  and amplify change


To go Beyond Paris in geography and in goals. We will visit EVERY signatory country, celebrate your vision, passion and ambition, discover what everyone is doing to step up, and bring new players into the game.

Why? Because there is no time to waste!

Paris fell short. Way short! At today’s pace, the world will overshoot 1.5C and 2C sooner than expected. The time has come for revolutionary ambition and acceleration of the Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) via the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and that will only happen when EVERYONE joins.


250+ Sustainability Summits in 195 countries!

We are taking SUSTAINABILITY on the road with no country left behind. During our summits, we will be sharing and collating new and innovative tools and practices to help all businesses and governments to accelerate the sustainability goals.  We will also be engaging in diplomacy

  • 54 countries in Africa
  • 48 in Asia
  • 44 in Europe
  • 14 in Oceania
  • 2 in North America
  • 33 in Latin America: our starting point, September 2018, in Bogotá!

FULL DAY: Agenda at each event

  • Building the world’s biggest network
  • Diplomatic exchange with local officials and national officials
  • How your country accelerates ambition
  • Role of business, NGOs, others
  • New solutions
  • Lunch: A Celebration of Local Leaders
  • Afternoon: Business Workshop
  • Press coverage
  • Eco-Cultural exchange