Green Committee Toolkit

Green committees are one of the most common ways for chambers of commerce to pursue sustainability initiatives. This toolkit explains what they are, examines how they benefit both you and your members, and dives deep into case studies to provide concrete examples of success stories. In addition, the Green Committee Toolkit offers step-by-step guidance on implementing your own green committee, as well as explaining how your chamber can best utilize your green committee to grow your membership, protect against changing preferences, and benefit from participating in the green economy.

Visual for the Green Committee Toolkit. Depicts a group in business-casual attire holding green objects like plants and a globe.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is crucial to consider for any business looking to expand in the modern business and social climate. This toolkit introduces the concepts behind DEI, examines their benefits, and lays out a guide of how to create your own DEI committee.

Visual for the DEI Toolkit. Depicts a group of hands of various skin tones reaching upwards.

Lobbying Toolkit

Lobbying is one of the most impactful ways in which chambers can influence the world around them, leading to better outcomes for both themselves and their members. This toolkit examines the question of why your chamber should lobby, the differences between direct and indirect lobbying, and what initial steps your chamber should take depending on which approach to lobbying you take. From there, the toolkit lays out a comprehensive guide on how to implement lobbying, from determining the focus of your efforts to how to provide things like transportation and food in the process.

Visual for the Lobbying Toolkit. Depicts a group in business attire having a discussion over food.