Jim Bunch


How does a person become known as “The Ultimate Life Entrepreneur”, inspiring lifestyles of happiness, health, and wealth among hundreds of thousands of business owners, employees and individuals worldwide?

For Jim Bunch, it all began with what he calls his first “spiritual” experience at age 10… actually, just a moment in time where he lay down in a grassy clearing after a hard-charging day of bike riding and exploring the woods with his friends. As he closed his eyes and felt the heat of the sun on his face, the brightness coming through his eyelids, he felt a sense of complete and total happiness like he’d never known. Spiritual? Perhaps. Life-changing? Absolutely.

Over the years as his life took the usual ups and downs, he would close his eyes and revisit the experience often. He found he had a natural knack for sales, and excelled in several national sales organizations including being a leader for Tony Robbins, Bob Procter, Jack Canfield and others. He found he loved speaking and inspiring others, and was spotlighted on hundreds of stages across America and internationally.

In 1999 he co-founded the pioneering virtual tour program, Bamboo.com, with John Assaraf, later growing the company to $2.2 Billion. By this time he knew his mission was to coach and guide people to their own greatness, so in 2000 he created his first 90-day “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Challenge.” He later turned these concepts into “The Ultimate Game of Life,” seamlessly integrating technology and transformation, Jim’s two greatest passions.

This attracted significant national interest and led to Jim being invited to serve — as their youngest member — on the influential Transformation Leadership Council (one of their many projects was the creation of the blockbuster movie “The Secret.”). In the time since Jim has given more than a thousand presentations on Business and Life transformation and launched a social mobile technology company to transform the way people interact on the planet, attracting over 1Million users in 250+ countries in 79 days.

Jim fundamentally believes the “Triple Bottom Line” of People, Planet and Profits is real, and as business people we can transform planet through sustainable, socially-conscious business practices, education and the political strength of our unified voices.

USGCC believes that business and business owners hold the solution to all of our issues — socially, environmentally and financially. Jim’s deepest gift is his ability to spearhead this vision in others, rally businesses and business owners to step into their greatness and power, and build teams that execute concepts and ideas that lead to positive change.

In 2012 Jim Bunch was asked to bring these talents to USGCC, to serve on the board of directors. The following year he was unanimously elected chairman. That day, he stood on his veranda looking out over the Pacific Ocean, feeling the warmth of the setting sun on his face and a sense that somehow the two moments were connected, that guiding this movement had been a part of his destiny and calling from his childhood.