Emerson Brantley


Terms such as “outside the box” and “been there done that” have become commonplace, but how many  really think “outside” or have the wide range of experience to understand business and markets from the perspective of thousands of marketing campaigns?  One who has — and continues to meet these definitions is Emerson Brantley.  And his commitment to “green business” goes back to his childhood.

As a child, twice a week Emerson needed allergy shots.  In an old house next to his doctor’s office was Jacksonville’s “Ecological Coordinating Office.  He began volunteering — stocking brochures, answering phones, etc. – but when he was assigned to sort recycled items it inspired his business acumen! He discovered a trove of donated magazines that were in high demand in 7th grade, and so started his own — ahem, “green” distribution business — making him very popular at school!  As a result, he became an early proponent of sustainability, even organizing a tree planting for the very first Earth Day!

After receiving his B.A. in Communications from Florida State at 19, he had an amazing offer to head the Marketing and Advertising department for a large division of a Fortune 100 company.  Fruehauf Corporation owned 5 shipyards along with companies engaged in sandblasting equipment and portable oil refining.  Emerson’s first marketing efforts were international, producing ads, films, print and multimedia materials, and designing massive industrial trade show displays.

He later moved into sales and sales management, rare experience for most “marketing types” but one which gave him invaluable insights into how and why people make buying decisions.

After a decade in sales Emerson returned to senior marketing management, creating, writing and managing hundreds of campaigns in every media… including his first on the Internet in 1993!  He created the Longest Running Lead Generating Infomercial ever made — the “Cash Flow Generator,” and was mentored by some of the top copywriters and marketers in the world. In 1997 began his own marketing firm WEB3Direct, Inc. offering something unheard of:  Guaranteed Marketing Results.

After over 8600 successful campaigns, hundreds of clients and amazing results in almost every business sector, Emerson has truly “been there, done that, ” and brings amazing “cross pollination” insights into every new marketing challenge.  When clients and business leaders began introducing him as a “Master Marketer,” it caused him to reflect on what exactly made him as effective as his portfolio of results indicated.

Emerson realized that it wasn’t the training, mentoring or thousands of campaigns that helped him create highly-converting marketing messages, but the fact that he’d been surrounded by powerful women his entire life.

It is his understanding and trust of his own intuitive nature — and his comfort with it — that gives him such amazing insights into the drivers behind our buying decisions.  It’s like having a “six sense” on the best ways to tap into the lives and hearts of people in the marketplace and, using powerful copywriting, compel them to respond:  to buy.

Where most marketers talk about “crushing, killing, dominating,” Emerson understands that the heart of your marketing is about building relationships of value. He calls his approach “Embrace Your Market.”(www.EmbraceYourMarket.com)

Emerson’s understanding and experience guides the language, positioning and character of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, helping us reach the exact business owners and consumers who care the most, engaging you with dialog that’s meaningful and building long-term relationships that make a difference..