USGCC Global Program Team

Michelle Thatcher

CEO and Co-Founder

As CEO, Michelle Thatcher utilizes her 20+ years of non-profit conservation leadership experience in building a comprehensive national advocacy, networking, and education platform for businesses around the nation. She served as National Director for three years before being selected to lead the organization in 2013. Prior to her role as National Director, Michelle served as Executive Director of the Association of Florida Conservation Districts, a non-profit organization for the state’s 63 Soil and Water Districts, from 2006-2010. Earlier, she served as Executive Director of Seminole Soil and Water District. In addition to several current board positions, Michelle also serves on the advisory board of the International Green Energy Council, Recycle Across America/Recycle Across the World, World CSR Congress, and Ideas for Us, a United Nations accredited Non-Profit Organization. Michelle is an internationally recognized expert on sustainable businesses and is a guest lecturer at conferences around the globe.

Kimberly White

Global Program Director

Kimberly White currently serves as the Global Program Director for the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce. She joined USGCC as a Research and Sustainability Associate. She was promoted to Project Manager and Coordinator and then to Director of the Global Green Consumers program. Kimberly has researched and written articles about consumerism, business sustainability, environmental awareness, and alternative energy; created presentations and webinars dealing with waste management and water conservation; created modules on energy efficiency and resource management for the USGCC SBA certification program; spearheaded a global summit featuring sustainability experts from around the world; and currently leads global program development and outreach. In addition to her role at USGCC, Kimberly is also the Editor-in-Chief for the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. She received her Climate Reality Leadership training alongside former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. Kimberly was named Co-Chair of The Climate Reality Central Florida Chapter in 2017. She is an ambassador for The 5 Gyres Institute. Kimberly currently serves as a researcher at Lean & Green Supply Chain Management Lab at Karatay Üniversitesi in Konya, Turkey. Her research interests are business sustainability, climate change, global studies, and wildlife; she uses her interests to promote sustainability on a global scale.

Balkhi, Laila

Ome Laila Balkhi

Junior Project Development Manager

As a Junior Project Development Manager, Laila created and customized presentation material for USGCC Global Certifications on Climate Change and Solar Energy, and developed complementary usage guidelines for the research team to utilize. She is also currently spearheading research on Afghanistan’s capacity for sustainability in the long run, and through ongoing networking efforts, adds to the extensive USGCC global network by engaging with non-profit organizations and sustainable businesses. In addition, Laila is a Fox Alum Fellow through Robert A. Fox Leadership Program, providing a range of research, networking, teaching and technical support to Senior Fellow, Mary Summer’s academically based community service course, Politics of Food and Environment. In the past, she has worked on a number of research projects including her work with Dr. Blanca Himes researching correlations between asthma and climate variables. With her science-focused academic background, Laila is passionate towards exploring the nexus between science, economics and politics in implementing the triangular sustainability framework to organizations and businesses. She hopes to dedicate her career to sustainable international development and human rights advocacy with the ultimate goal of taking a leadership role in addressing global environmental and health issues.

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Savannah Duffy

International Legal Research Analyst

Savannah Duffy currently serves as an International Legal Research Analyst where she researches and connects with sustainability organizations and their leaders around the world, furthering the USGCC’s Global Sustainability Series.  She employs her research, writing, and communication skills acquired from previous leadership positions to create a database of sustainability organizations in countries like Ecuador and Peru. Savannah corresponds with world business and NGO leaders to foster USGCC’s international network. She also creates country-specific security and information toolkits for our international volunteers. Savannah is the executive of an online Cultural Diversity blog where she oversees information and photographs gathered from across the world. She has the position of directing the company to portray various cultural environments, simply with photographs and design. She uses her organizational skills to help the USGCC create toolkits on International NGO policies and regulations. Using comprehensive assessment abilities she has researched laws and foreign policy to create a draft for a USGCC code of conduct. Savannah is passionate about sustainability policy and procedures and will begin her career goals as an Environmental Law professional next fall as she enters Law School.

Colin Craddock

European Sustainability Associate

Colin Craddock currently serves as the European Sustainability Associate where he employs his previous research, communication, and writing skills to identify potential organizations, leaders, and businesses within Europe that could fulfill partnerships with USGCC. His experience living and studying abroad have also added value in his work. Colin has held various leadership positions including serving as a MSU campus tour guide and working for The Michigan Department of Natural Resources. During his time with the DNR, he was committed to protecting the environment for current and future generations. Colin is passionate about cultures, international relations, and topics that impact our world; climate change, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. During his time at USGCC, Colin plans to utilize his previous experiences to learn more about corporate sustainability and help him achieve his career goal of working on an international scale.

Daniel Kim

Asian Communications Strategist

Daniel Kim currently serves as Asian Communications Strategist. He researches sustainable practices in different Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea, assists in setting up a global social media campaign, identifies top sustainable businesses, and writes articles on the international sustainable business climate. He has worked on many different projects for marketing research at his university and workplace. During his time with 24 Guesthouse Corporation in Seoul, South Korea, Daniel donated his marketing communications skills to help develop different social media campaigns and commercial films, in order to promote the local tourism as well as to build positive brand images for the city and also the company. Daniel is enthusiastic about pursuing his career in the industries of account planning and marketing research. He plans to use the skills he obtains from USGCC to help him achieve his future goals as a strategic communications specialist in an international organization.


Payton Thatcher

Global Economic Sustainability Analyst

Payton Thatcher currently serves as aGlobal Economic Sustainability Analyst where he employs research skills to learn more about the sustainable business practices of other countries, specifically Canada, with a focus on economic sustainability, while also reaching out to the prominent figureheads of sustainability efforts in these countries to connect them to USGCC. Payton has held various leadership positions including serving as the head of Cal Poly’s Engineers Without Borders – Economic Sustainability Task Force where he currently explores ways to cut costs to the club through sustainability as well as ways to better inform project teams on how to have a more sustainable mindset when approaching design and implementation of projects. Payton is passionate about economic and environmental sustainability, specifically fishery and ocean management, and the role that corporate sustainability plays into it. During his time at USGCC, he hopes to improve his research skills while gaining a better understanding of how sustainability practices in the United States influences sustainability practices in other countries and how other countries can influence our own methods.


Finnegan Kallmyer

International Energy and Policy Associate

Finnegan Kallmyer currently serves as the International Energy and Policy Associate.  While at USGCC he uses his research and writing skills to find businesses, chamber of commerce, and sustainable organizations in various countries around the world, for USGCC’s media series. His past experiences have provided him with various skills related to research, communication, writing, NGO’s, policy, and analytical work. Previously Finnegan has worked with The GREEN Program to grow their hiring network, apply for grants, and implement their business development strategy, Finnegan is passionate about green building policy and sustainable architecture. He plans to use the skills he gains from USGCC to attend graduate school in London, England. Finnegan is dedicated to a career of furthering sustainability and teaching future generations the importance of our environment. In working with USGCC hopes to learn more about international climate policies and what businesses are doing to transition into sustainable businesses.


Susanna Cain

Scandinavian Sustainability Analyst

Susanna Cain serves as the Scandinavian Sustainability Analyst where she researches business etiquette and practices internationally. During her time at USGCC, she uses her analytic skills to investigate government, corporate, university, and non-profit factors in international green business. Susanna also utilizes her skills in research, writing, and communication developed through her past work experience. She has held leadership roles during her time in the Dominican Republic as a volunteer English teacher for Outreach 360 and researcher for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. During her time at MDARD, Susanna researched improvements in the state department’s recruitment process and hiring practices. She is passionate about creating a sustainable world starting with a sustainable economy and hopes to use her skills developed through USGCC to begin a career in international sustainability.


Melody Song

International Business Research Associate

Melody Song currently serves the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce as an International Business Research Associate. As a Business Economics and Political Science double major at UCLA, Melody applies her experience with analytical research and writing to study sustainability practices on an international scale. When examining cross-culture differences, Melody emphasizes empathy and compassion foremost while maintaining a high level of vigorous scrutiny on what can be improved. Melody is passionate about working to connect people in order to effect change – she currently also serves as a Marketing and Communications Associate for the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge, the LA chapter of a nationwide race to cut cities’ energy and water usage 20% by 2020.  In her spare time, Melody enjoys playing soccer, making music, and exploring national parks – a key aspect which drives her ambition to help preserve our natural world.


Thu Duong

East Asia Business and Policy Analyst

Thu Duong currently holds the position of East Asia Business and Policy Analyst at the US Green Chamber of Commerce, where she utilizes her research and writing ability to assist in expanding the organization globally by facilitating critical international connections through detailed legal, cultural and social research. Through this position, alongside her independent summer research on nuclear security in the Korean Peninsula as a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, Thu hopes to further enhance her oral communication, writing, organizational and research ability. Thu also serves as a Student Manager and Caller at the University of San Diego Telefunding Center, where she is responsible for the training and supervision of student workers in alumni outreach and fundraising toward student initiatives and scholarships for the university. She was able to successfully showcase her customer focus, persistence, and data entry and communication skills as a successful ambassador and caller by raising over $16,000 within the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Thu has developed an affinity for the region of East Asia through her travels, a passion for corporate social responsibility, as well as international business and governmental policy, which are all integral in orienting the focus of her role at the USGCC and informing her future career path.


Hamilton Whyte

International Affairs Analyst

Hamilton Whyte currently serves as an International Affairs Analyst for the USGCC. He is focuses specifically on sustainability efforts being made in the African nations, and aims to become an expert on the political, social, economic, and ecological issues in Africa. During his time at USGCC, Hamilton aims to become adept in African sustainability and to gain experience, exposure, and connections through the large network that the USGCC provides globally.


Tamara Fou

International Sustainability Research Associate

Tamara Fou currently serves as an International Sustainability Research Associate where she applies her previous experiences with research, writing, and knowledge on sustainability issues to understand international sustainability issues and practices, and establish connections with individuals committed to sustainability. Tamara has researched on various aspects of sustainability such as urban agriculture and green technology at the NYC Parks Department. During her time there, she was able to assist the agency with researching skills to identify green technology that could be used for NYC Parks facilities, and educate third parties on the benefits of green roofs. Tamara is passionate about community development and environmental sustainability. She hopes to apply the research she does at US Green Chamber of Commerce to better understand planning strategies for developing communities.